Spiritual Healing Energy & Prayers Project

December 27th To January 2nd

This project is a result of a dream on Dec. 21st that requested spiritual energy healing and prayer be sent to those who request during the period of Dec. 27th to January 2nd. The prayer and energy is going to be sent by volunteers of the Egbe Iwa Pele Iyammi group.

Enter names of individuals you would like positive spiritual energy sent to with the intention of healing. Prayers and energy with positive intention will be sent to the submitted names by members of Iwa Egbe Pele.

Please only send the names of individuals and no information about aliments. Energy is sent for the highest good to be received by individuals and works through the power of resonance and entrainment. Please note the results of the healing prayers can not have any expectations placed upon results for many reasons including personal destiny.