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Rev. Eileen Casey Gonzalez is an Ordained Minister with the Spiritual Science Fellowship. The SSF is an interfaith community outreach and a non-denominational Christian Spiritualist religious fellowship or church, incorporating the insights of Yoga and the Modern Spiritualist Movement. The Headquarters is located in Montreal Quebec, Canada. Rev. Eileen worked with the Halifax Nova Scotia Chapter of the SSF (www, for many years before moving to Edmonton Alberta.

The SSF — which has no “faith requirements” as a prerequisite for membership  and is an interfaith member-unit of the International Council of Community Churches, which is affiliated with the National Council of Churches, USA, and the World Council of Churches, Geneva. Since the beginning, the SSF has attracted persons from many traditions. It has appealed to those who are aware of the need to rediscover “sciences of the soul and spirit” through which human beliefs in “reality of God, higher worlds, and a purposeful universe” might be experienced and understood upon earth across the man-made barriers that often accompany traditional creeds and cults.

Christian priests, ministers, Jewish rabbis, Moslem Sufi shaykhs, Hindu swamis, Sikhs, Buddhist monks and lamas, Jain monks, Native medicine-men and women, Modern Spiritualist ministers, psychics, mediums, and representatives of other faiths, old and new, have shared the platform at various SSF meetings with scholars and scientists of many persuasions over the past three decades.

The common denominator that has united all of those who have participated in the Fellowship’s services and programs is a readiness to testify to the reality of the spiritual world and of the subtle faculties of psychic perception and spiritual vision through which it may be perceived and or experienced. Spiritual guidance, and its availability to those of all traditions who sincerely seek it, is central to the SSF experience.

The SSF is interfaith in perspective. In sociological terms, it is neither a sect nor a cult, nor part of a particular world religion. It has created no dogmas or creeds of its own, and gives place to no single figure or sole religious authority in matters of faith. It is interested in participation by persons from all faiths and traditions. It is a spiritual association for the development of the whole person.

The foundation of the SSF rests upon an implicit understanding of many general principles of higher perceptions, which have been shared by persons in the world’s great religious and spiritual traditions throughout the ages. This includes affirmation of the existence of a “foundational Reality” which all can potentially share, and the preference for “an ethical way of life” in accordance with perceived “natural and spiritual law.” Perennial claims to such transcendental experiences often deal with perceptions of “life-after-death,” and accepting the “reality and value of communication between this and higher worlds of consciousness and spirit.”

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The SSF Founder

Image of Rev. Dr. Marilyn RossnerDr. Marilyn Rossner is the founder-president of the SSF, and vice president and co-founder of the IIIHS. She is a retired professor of special care counselling at Vanier College, Montreal, and has served on the faculties of McGill and Concordia Universities. Dr. Marilyn is an award-winning children’s behaviour therapist, a world-renowned intuitive and visionary, an interfaith minister (ICCC), and the organizer of IIIHS Conferences. She has shared her magnificent gifts of the Spirit throughout the world, and is known for her uplifting messages from the spiritual world, and her visions of what is significant in life now. Dr. Marilyn has appeared on television in many nations, including the CBC’s Beyond Reason show.

The IIIHS & SSF Africa Project

image which states Give to the IIIHS Africa Project in assisting South African Caregivers and Institutions for Abandoned, Abused, and Sick Children.

Each year in December, the International Institute of Integral Human Sciences sends a mission team to Africa, to assist South African caregivers and institutions who rescue and shelter the abandoned, the abused, the homeless, and the sick.

We work with the Takalani Center and the Soweto Youth Center in Soweto, the Helen Bishop School for the Physically Challenged and the Thuson Home for Abandoned Children in Kimberly, as well as the African Independent Orthodox Church, which serves thousands of the poorest of the poor over a 400 km area. We bring encouragement and volunteer service with the caregivers, and provide donation cheques and lots and lots of food, clothes, toys, supplies, and equipment for the handicapped, abandoned, dying, abused, orphaned, and suffering children.

All of the directors of these organizations are efficient, dedicated, and knowledgeable, but, of course, they lack funds. Care is often limited to the basics of feeding, turning (for the bed-ridden), and bathing.

The IIIHS hopes you will help us to bring relief to these precious children, through your generous donations. Please answer our call.

Love and light,
Dr. Marilyn and Fr. John Rossner

To Donate

Donations for this project may be given by visiting and using the Donation Button at the bottom of the page or by calling The SSF-IIIHS Townhouse Centre at 514-937-8359.

The Mailing Address is

P.O. Box 1387, Station H
Montreal, QC  H3G 2N3

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