Spiritualist Reading

When it comes to spiritualism and working with spirits, you’re one of the few people I believe in. Most have forgotten the concept of caridad when it comes to this work, and while we don’t believe what spirits are like on the other side (probably because my gift gives me access only to earthbound spirits and nature spirits and yours takes you higher), I do know your skills are real.

Author Ochani Lele – Stuart Myers – United States

Spiritualist Reading & Mediumship Development Classes

I met Eileen when I took her Mediumship Course levels 1 & 2, and was very impressed with her abilities as a medium and her vast knowledge.  Her teaching methods are very easily understood and if you do have difficulty or questions, she finds a way to explain, help you with these.  As a person, I find Eileen as having very kind heart, very intelligent, and with abilities that blew my mind. While she is no ones fool, I look forward to taking courses with her again some time.
While in what I felt as a crisis, I asked Eileen to do a reading for me.  She was right on with her advise and the information that she gave me.  Her predictions came true, and because of this I did not feel blindsided. Her readings provide me with hope. I am grateful Eileen passes on her messages from Spirit. Eileen has also taught me to trust my own intuition and to properly protect myself when connecting to my guides.

I am sure you will be impressed and please with Eileen as I am.

Bonnie Druhan – Halifax, Canada

Mediumship Development Classes

I have taken 3 psychic development and Spiritual Healing classes with Rev. Eileen Casey-Gonzalez through the Spiritual Science Fellowship based in Montreal.

These classes were taught with professionalism and a deep understanding of the subject. As a teacher of 33years, I have seen the Good, the Bad, and the not so good, and I must say, if Rev. Eileen had chosen a teaching career she would have been an excellent teacher. She has tons of imagination to make her classes enjoyable, fun, and exciting. She knows how to encourage her students to excel and her natural gifts  as a medium are a bonus plus she certainly knows what she is talking about.

I encourage anyone who is interested in the study of psychic development to take classes from this experienced teacher.

Garrard Allain  – Halifax, Canada

Spiritualist Reading

I want to thank Eileen for the wonderful reading that I received! Spirit really trusted her and came through for me. I received a lot of wonderful validation today. I am truly amazed at the talent she has. Such a beautiful soul!

Charlene Townson – Edmonton, Canada

 Spiritualist Reading

“May 2015 I had the pleasure of meeting Eileen Casey Gonzalez. Our initial meeting was for my reading and It was amazing. The information she gave me in this reading was accurate and pertinent to what I was questioning at the time and allowed me to look at my life in a different way.

I signed up for her mediumship level one classes and again was amazed? It has awakened a whole new world to me and given me the background that I needed to pursue this interest of mine. The reading and classes have given me the ability to move away from my past and look to the future in a positive way. I am in awe of what she has done for my life and I would recommend Eileen to anyone who wants to pursue such readings and classes.”

Marilyn Crummey – Halifax, Canada

 Spiritualist Reading

“Eileen came to my Religious Family in Cuba from Canada. She was initiated in to our Spiritual Family, in to the Religions here as we seen her deep sense of spirituality and her true self. Eileen has very strong Spiritual Guides with her, some she was born with and others given to her as a gift as being part of our Religious Family.

In giving my truthful testimony concerning Eileen’s ability to perform Spiritual Readings, I can tell you about a reading she did for me when she was in Cuba in 2013 which contained accurate information. At the time she gave information concerning my fiancée and circumstances around her, including information about legal papers and an unexpected trip to Cuba. Within months the information she gave me all began to show it’s self to be accurate as it came true.

Knowing Eileen for years now as a spiritual person with good intent due to my experiences with her, I would recommend her to you for a Spiritual Reading.”

Jose Angel Pupo – Awo De Orumila, Oyekun Batrupo, Omo Osha Yemaya Oyi – Havanna, Cuba

Crystals 101 Workshop

I took Rev. Eileen’s course on Crystals in November of 2014. At that time I just had a very general knowledge about crystals. This class is just packed with informative and useful information.  Rev. Eileen presents as much as possible in this class. On top of sharing a lot information on the subject she also presents information in an experiential way for participants.

Rev. Eileen is very well learned on the subject of crystals and you can understand easily that she is very passionate about her subject. She made it easy to learn.

I have known Rev. Eileen for many years and she has many talents. Due to my experience in her classes, if she had chosen teaching as her only profession in life, she would have been very successful with that talent alone. I am happy to recommend this class to anyone who may be interested in finding out more about crystals.

Michael Hiltz
Senior Minister of the SSF HRM

Mediumship Development Classes

“I came upon this course through Facebook at the perfect time. It was like the universe was pointing me in the direction under Eileen’s teachings. She is a wonderful and compassionate instructor who understands that everyone develops individually and in their own way. There is no “concrete” and “cookie-cutter” technique with her – it’s all from a place of higher power. If you’re interested in Spiritual Mediumship and Psychic Development, just go for it. It will help you see a new perspective on your life, and aid in seeing things differently.”

Skye Braham – Halifax, Canada

Mediumship Development Classes

“I have recently completed levels 1, 2, and 3 of the Spiritual Mediumship and Psychic Development classes through the Spiritual Science Fellowship and Rev. Eileen. I am SO happy that a friend of mine stumbled on this class and it could not have come at a better time in my life. The skills that I learned, and the people I met with every Wednesday night opened my mind in a way nothing else has – and I love exercising my brain/mind! After going through seven years of university that focuses on science and what can be proven through the five senses, I knew that there was more going on than anyone could ever explain or reason. I’ve always sensed that… and I now know that I’m not the only one! Through meeting with like-minded people, doing weekly exercises that focus on intuition and mediumship, and practicing these new skills on my own time I have felt myself grow and become more connected with the world around me. It was fun, eye opening, and extremely useful work, and I suggest it to anyone interested in developing their psychic/mediumship abilities.”

Tia Larkin – Halifax, Canada

Mediumship Development Classes

“I am grateful to Eileen for providing a welcoming atmosphere to learn and share in her Spiritual Mediumship and Psychic Development classes, I looked forward to it every week!!! Regardless of our individual skill levels I felt Eileen treated us with equal respect and always provided encouragement in our spiritual development. I will miss the classes now that I have completed the 3 levels.”

Jennie – Halifax, Canada

Mediumship Development Classes

“These classes have changed my life! Before the classes I was challenged by anxiety and fear. The classes helped me understand what I was experiencing and gave me tools to overcome them in daily life. The class content sparked an everlasting search for more knowledge. The small group setting enriched my learning and made me feel comfortable practicing new skills and abilities. I still hear Eileen’s voice in my head saying “ground yourself!” I would recommend these classes for anyone who is curious, seeking a closer relationship with themselves and those around them!”

Alicia Carter – Halifax, Canada

Mediumship Development Classes

“I took Eileen Casey-Gonzalez’s Level 1-3 Spiritual Mediumship and Psychic Development throughout the year of 2013-2014, and, to put it in honest words, it has changed my life by shifting my outlook on spiritual experience by improving my psychic abilities. I now approach every day with new, empowering knowledge about the things I experience, sense, and feel, and am able to be far more protected and grounded in my daily life. This has been a fundamental need I didn’t know I had. I highly recommend these classes for people who are interested in learning the basics of psychic development, and for people who are looking to improve the abilities they may have already explored. Being provided with a space with which to explore these things has been a light in my life. I only wish there were more classes to take!”

Maureen Green – Halifax, Canada

Spirit Drawing Testimonials

Sheila Kelly,Sheila M. Kelly BA, CPCC
Inward Journey Presentations and Coaching 

I was intrigued by Eileen Gonzales’ gift of delivering mini messages in conjunction with an image from the spirit world. I’m not easily blown away but what transpired with  Eileen is definitely in the “blow me away” category. First of all, her message to me was very relevant. I’m working on a project (a book) and the words, “move on with what you know is finished” could not have been any clearer. The really “WooWoo” part is that the picture Eileen drew is almost identical to another picture that was drawn for me 15 years ago… and which I came across just a week or so before Eileen drew hers. (The drawing from 15 years ago is in color and is supposed to be of me. I’ve never thought that it actually looks like me.) In any event, you can decide for yourself what it all means. Here are the two pictures. By all means, don’t wait… be in touch with Eileen for a most unique experience. 

A Spirit Drawing picture drawn for an individual of a Spirit Drawing completed by Eileen Casey Gonzalez using her Mediumship ability. Graphite sketch of a woman with shoulder length hair pulled back behind one ear.

Click image to view larger in a browser new tab.

Drawing of a woman with hair at ear level wearing earrings. The picture is done in color and signed Jade.







Spirit Drawing for Ruby Lively – Halifax, Canada

A sample of a Spirit Drawing completed by Eileen Casey Gonzalez using her Mediumship ability. Graphite sketch of a woman with long hair.

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Eileen Casey Gonzalez  “Ruby Lively this lady is for you. She feels to me like she passed over too young but her youth was not her age with her wisdom as in life she was beyond her years. She says she never meant to leave you the way she did as she really cared for you even though you may not be able to understand. She said perhaps in years to come you will understand more about her unusual ways and begin to know how much of her is in you. Ok Ruby that is her message and I hope you enjoy the picture. Hugs”

Ruby Lively “Eileen Casey Gonzalez, this is my mom – knew it as soon a I saw her eyes. My mom had Alzheimer’s so when she passes she was very ‘young’, talking a lot about her childhood friends. She did have some unusual ways, and it’s true – I do understand more now. And as I age I become more like her every day – a good way to be for sure.
Thank you, Eileen.”


Spirit Drawing for Kellie Hennigan – Halifax, Canada

A Spirit Drawing completed by Eileen Casey Gonzalez using her Mediumship ability. Graphite sketch of an older woman with short curly hair and large round earrings.

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Thanks so much for this reading.i was touched to see the resemblance to my Grandmother accompanying my message..

The message that she sent hit very deeply within me .. as im going through a lot currently. Thanks so much for giving me the opportunity for such a wonderful feeling.A photograph of a woman with short curly hair and large round earrings.
Kellie Hennigan






Spirit Drawing for Theresa Burris – Halifax, Canada

A Spirit Drawing completed by Eileen Casey Gonzalez using her Mediumship ability. Graphite sketch of a woman with long thin hair which is parted in the center.

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Theresa Burris Thank you, Eileen Casey Gonzalez my godmother passed on when she was in her early fifties. The love shining out of her eyes is incredible. Thank you so much for sharing your gift







Spirit Drawing for Carol Grimmit – Halifax, Canada

A Spirit Drawing completed by Eileen Casey Gonzalez using her Mediumship ability. Graphite sketch of a woman with an old fashioned nurse hat on, with her hair pulled back, with round small earnings.

Click image to view larger in a browser new tab.

Eileen Casey Gonzalez “Hi Carol Grimmitt this lady is for you.
She says you and she did not always get along the best but you were always the best. She was getting older when you were allowed to date and she didn’t want you to as she felt like you always needed more protection, regardless things worked out the best for you and she is very happy every day for that. She says sometimes you know she is around watching you and there is a little game she plays on you, but the game is up as now she has told you that it is her. Also your daughter can see her at times and you need to talk to her more about this and boundaries as it’s not only her she sees. That is important.
Oh to me she was showing herself as a nurse as that is what it seemed like my guides were drawing.
Wishing you the best Carol!

Carol Grimmit “My sense is this is my husbands mom. Yes we didn’t always agree and she was a nurse and wore the traditional nurses hat which is what you’ve drawn there. I do feel her around occasionally.
Thank you Eileen!”



If you are interested in a reading with Rev. Eileen you may contact her by email at yourspiritsconnection@gmail.com.