image which says Quantum TouchQuantum-Touch® is a powerful natural healing technique. It is a technique which uses the scientific principles of resonance and entrainment combined with very specific breathing techniques and body awareness exercises, to create a powerful, yet natural, field of healing energy.

During a Quantum Touch Session Rev. Eileen works using powerful the Quantum-Touch® techniques developed to raise a field of energy in which the body may assimilate for natural healing to occur. Often clients feel a variety of sensations such as warmth in the area which is being worked on and throughout different areas in the body. With a Quantum-Touch® session many find that pain may at times be relieved quickly noticing significant drops in pain levels on a scale of one to ten.

A Quantum Touch session may last 45 minutes to at times over an hour. Quantum Touch Sessions are not performed by the use of a calculated time period but by what occurs during the session with the needs of the individual. During a Quantum Touch session Rev. Eileen works closely in communication with the client over the internet or by phone. All of her energy healing sessions are performed from a distance so you are in the comfort of your own environment. Rev. Eileen performs all her spiritual work by donation. With donations she requests that donation amount is is based on the number 7, or a multiple of the number ,7 or it may have the number 7 in it as it is her Orisha Yemaya’s number.

Rev. Eileen has been involved with Energy Healing modalities for about 25 years. Quantum Touch® is one of the most powerful methods of Energy Healing she has experienced and worked with, and the reason she became involved with Quantum Touch® both as a Certified Practitioner and Quantum Touch® Instructor. If you are interested in learning this powerful technique and participating in a Level One workshop with Rev. Eileen, contact her at yourspiritsconnection@gmail.com.

For more information on Quantum Touch® please visit the website at www.quantumtouch.com.

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