Who is Rev. Eileen As A Medium

Rev. Eileen Casey Gonzalez is a Medium who offers Spiritualist Mediumship Readings and and Spirit Drawings or Spirit Art. She is actively involved with Spiritualism for more than 30 years. As a natural psychic and medium, spiritual and mediumship experiences began with her as a very young child. Though most of her young life she had no one to share her experiences with. Finally, in her early twenties, Eileen discovered a Spiritualist Interfaith Organization called the Spiritual Science Fellowship, this became her spiritual home partly due to it’s interfaith perspective. She has been with the SSF since the day she attended her first SSF service in Halifax and was fully ordained as a minister in 2012, with full legal rights as a minister in the province of Nova Scotia including the performing of marriages.

image of Eileen siting at a table for a Mediumship reading. The table is read and she is looking down at an oracle card with a very random image on it so she can Scry with this for a Mediumship reading. Also on the table for her to use is a glass of water with a lit candle as a tool to help her receive information as a Medium for a reading.

A Cuban Shaman by the name of Sr. Jose Angel Pupo Olivarez, greatly enhanced Eileen’s Mediumship abilities in 2007. He seen her abilities and strengths gifting her with ceremonies from his traditions of Ifa, Lukumi (sometimes called Ocha), and Palo Mayombe. In December of 2012 she continued on her path of Regula De Cuba becoming Oni-Yemaya in Lukimi, in Havana, Cuba.  In the religious tradition of Lukimi she became a priest, receiving her guardian Orisha Yemaya in a seven-day ceremony. After this she completed a year of strict religious restraints and practices. This commitment on Eileen’s path has been a perfect fit with her practice as Spiritualist it has naturally deepened and has further enhanced her connection with Spirit.

With SSF HRM Eileen regularly shared her Gifts Of The Spirit as a Medium at Sunday night services and at other public events for many years before she relocated to Alberta. Through the years Eileen has studied with many talented teachers including the late Rev. Fred Cale and Rev. Jeaneane Homstead – founders of the Halifax SSF, Rev. Dr. Marilyn Rossner PhD of Montreal, Rev. John White of Lily Dale N.Y., and other gifted psychic, mediums, and teachers including her Godfather in Lukimi Roberto Gonzalez Sousa. Eileen also teaches Spiritual Mediumship Development Classes and workshops as she did with the SSF HRM. She also teaches on other topics such as Crystals and Spiritual Healing.


Spiritualist Mediumship Readings

Rev. Eileen Casey Gonzalez is a Clairvoyant Medium meaning she receives information given to her by spirits through her psychic senses. She can hear spirits during her Mediumship readings through her Clairaudience, she sees the information given to her which is Clairvoyance, and she also receives information through her other Clairvoyant senses. At times Eileen may use different tools as methods of scrying with her readings. Scrying is a method of gazing into objects to get information through clairvoyant faculties as a medium. If she uses oracle cards during a reading, she uses them as a tool for scrying. When using cards often as she begins to pull a card from a deck she may begin to receive information before the card is even turned over. With this the written meaning of the oracle card usually has little significance to Eileen in a reading, it is the words she is hearing and information she is sensing from Spirit which is important, and she passes to a person.

Spiritualist Medium Spirit Drawings

A sample of a Spirit Drawing completed by Eileen Casey Gonzalez using her Mediumship ability. Graphite sketch of a woman with short curly hair wearing dangling earnings.

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As a natural progression to Eileen’s mediumship abilities, after working with her Spirit’s for more than thirty years, her spirit helpers have developed a new way for her to work as a medium. Eileen has always been a creative person, however, previous to this gift to her by her spirits, a skill she never possessed was the ability to draw. Much to her surprise, her spirit helpers have now taken the lead with her with a new way to work. Her Spirit Helpers are working with Eileen with the sketching of individuals loved ones who have passes over to the other side along with individual’s spirit guides.

Spirit Drawings are sometimes called Spirit Art, Mediumship Art, Mediumship Drawings, Psychic Art or Psychic Drawings. The act of mediumship in producing images with Spirit Drawings has employed different methods by different mediums throughout the years. Individual mediums have always worked in different ways and when it comes to this modality of Mediumship there is no exception.

With Spirit Art, Mediumship Art, Mediumship Drawings, Psychic Art or Psychic Drawings, some mediums work by producing images which they see as a psychic clairvoyant, which they then draw. Some mediums produce images of objects which aid them visually in their readings.  Some mediums may produce more complicated images than others. Some Mediums produce images of portraits of loved ones or a persons spirit guides. Some mediums do not see the images they produce first using their abilities as a psychic clairvoyant medium, they produce the images automatically through the help of their spirit helpers.

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The method which has developed for Eileen is similar to the mediumship faculty of automatic writing. It is her spirit helpers who draw the images through her producing the images of the Spirit Drawings. Once Eileen completes the Spirit Drawings with the aid of her spirit guides, she then works with her clairvoyant faculties to deliver messages from the Acommunicating spirit who shows in the pictures, to the receiver of the Spirit Art.

With this process of producing sketches of individual’s spirit loved ones and spirit guides, Eileen has to totally trust her own spirit helpers. She never knows with this process who it is who will show up on the sketch pad for an individual, as she gets no information previous to the images developing on her sketch pad. With this, she does not even know if the image developing on the paper is that of a male or female before it’s completion. Once the image is completed then Eileen is able to receive messages from the spirit who’s image is on the page on to the recipient of the sketch.

Samples of Rev. Eileen’s Spirit Drawing may be found below and on the Testimonials page on this site.

About Eileen’s Spiritualist Medium Readings 

With all Spiritual Mediumship readings, Eileen customarily opens with a small prayer asking that information brought forward is always positive and helpful to aid an individual. She feels it is an honor to work with spirit and share with others. Eileen’s does her readings over the phone, over the internet, as well in person by appointment in the Edmonton area and at special events.

Reading Fees

A 30 minute individual Spiritualist Reading Session with a Spirit Drawing is $75.

An individual Spirit Drawing and a short Spiritualist Medium Spirit Message is $40.

A 30 minute individual Spiritualist Reading session is $60.

Eileen is also available for events and private parties in the Edmonton Alberta area. Please contact her for information and pricing by email at

Payment may be made by cash, and through Paypal and Bank Transfers.

With any reading, if Rev. Eileen goes over the allotted time period due to her bringing through extra information in a Spiritualist Reading which has not been requested by an individual, no extra fees will be applied.

PLEASE NOTE that shipping for any Spirit Drawing is an extra $15 fee.
All of Eileen’s hand drawn pictures are done in either graphite or charcoal on sketch pad paper.
If readings are in person the picture will be given the an individual, if the reading is over the internet the picture will be photographed and forwarded.
Eileen Casey Gonzalez owns all copy rights of any drawings as a result of her readings and they may not be reproduced without her written consent.
Spiritualist Reading Fees are subject to change without notice.

If you are interested in a reading with Eileen you may contact her by email at

Spirit Drawing Testimonials

Sheila Kelly,Sheila M. Kelly BA, CPCC
Inward Journey Presentations and Coaching

I was intrigued by Eileen Gonzales’ gift of delivering mini messages in conjunction with an image from the spirit world. I’m not easily blown away but what transpired with  Eileen is definitely in the “blow me away” category. First of all, her message to me was very relevant. I’m working on a project (a book) and the words, “move on with what you know is finished” could not have been any clearer. The really “WooWoo” part is that the picture Eileen drew is almost identical to another picture that was drawn for me 15 years ago… and which I came across just a week or so before Eileen drew hers. (The drawing from 15 years ago is in color and is supposed to be of me. I’ve never thought that it actually looks like me.) In any event, you can decide for yourself what it all means. Here are the two pictures. By all means, don’t wait… be in touch with Eileen for a most unique experience.
(Please note that the color drawing is done by an artist by the name of Jade.)

A Spirit Drawing picture drawn for an individual of a Spirit Drawing completed by Eileen Casey Gonzalez using her Mediumship ability. Graphite sketch of a woman with shoulder length hair pulled back behind one ear.

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Drawing of a woman with hair at ear level wearing earrings. The picture is done in color and signed Jade.








Spirit Drawing for Ruby Lively – Halifax, Canada

A sample of a Spirit Drawing completed by Eileen Casey Gonzalez using her Mediumship ability. Graphite sketch of a woman with long hair.

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Eileen Casey Gonzalez  “Ruby Lively this lady is for you. She feels to me like she passed over too young but her youth was not her age with her wisdom as in life she was beyond her years. She says she never meant to leave you the way she did as she really cared for you even though you may not be able to understand. She said perhaps in years to come you will understand more about her unusual ways and begin to know how much of her is in you. Ok Ruby that is her message and I hope you enjoy the picture. Hugs”

Ruby Lively “Eileen Casey Gonzalez, this is my mom – knew it as soon a I saw her eyes. My mom had Alzheimer’s so when she passes she was very ‘young’, talking a lot about her childhood friends. She did have some unusual ways, and it’s true – I do understand more now. And as I age I become more like her every day – a good way to be for sure.
Thank you, Eileen.”


Spirit Drawing for Kellie Hennigan – Halifax, Canada

A Spirit Drawing completed by Eileen Casey Gonzalez using her Mediumship ability. Graphite sketch of an older woman with short curly hair and large round earrings.

Click image to view larger in a browser new tab.

Thanks so much for this reading.i was touched to see the resemblance to my Grandmother accompanying my message..

The message that she sent hit very deeply within me .. as I am going through a lot currently. Thanks so much for giving me the opportunity for such a wonderful feeling.A photograph of a woman with short curly hair and large round earrings.
Kellie Hennigan






For more examples of Rev. Spirit Drawings, or Rev. Eileen’s Medium Art you can view her Testimonials Page.


Spiritualist Reading Testimonials

Author Ochani Lele, Stuart Myers – United States

When it comes to spiritualism and working with spirits, you’re one of the few people I believe in. Most have forgotten the concept of caridad when it comes to this work, and while we don’t believe what spirits are like on the other side (probably because my gift gives me access only to earthbound spirits and nature spirits and yours takes you higher), I do know your skills are real.

Charlene Townson – Edmonton, Canada

I want to thank Eileen for the wonderful reading that I received! Spirit really trusted her and came through for me. I received a lot of wonderful validation today. I am truly amazed at the talent she has. Such a beautiful soul!

Bonnie Druhan – Halifax, Canada

I met Eileen when I took her Mediumship Course levels 1 & 2, and was very impressed with her abilities as a medium and her vast knowledge.  Her teaching methods are very easily understood and if you do have difficulty or questions, she finds a way to explain, help you with these.  As a person, I find Eileen as having very kind heart, very intelligent, and with abilities that blew my mind. While she is no ones fool, I look forward to taking courses with her again some time.
While in what I felt as a crisis, I asked Eileen to do a reading for me.  She was right on with her advise and the information that she gave me.  Her predictions came true, and because of this I did not feel blindsided. Her readings provide me with hope. I am grateful Eileen passes on her messages from Spirit. Eileen has also taught me to trust my own intuition and to properly protect myself when connecting to my guides.

I am sure you will be impressed and please with Eileen as I am.

 Marilyn Crummey – Halifax, Canada

“May 2015 I had the pleasure of meeting Eileen Casey Gonzalez. Our initial meeting was for my reading and It was amazing. The information she gave me in this reading was accurate and pertinent to what I was questioning at the time and allowed me to look at my life in a different way.

I signed up for her mediumship level one classes and again was amazed? It has awakened a whole new world to me and given me the background that I needed to pursue this interest of mine. The reading and classes have given me the ability to move away from my past and look to the future in a positive way. I am in awe of what she has done for my life and I would recommend Eileen to anyone who wants to pursue such readings and classes.”

Jose Angel Pupo – Awo De Orumila, Oyekun Batrupo, Omo Osha Yemaya Oyi – Havanna, Cuba

“Eileen came to my Religious Family in Cuba from Canada. She was initiated in to our Spiritual Family, in to the Religions here as we seen her deep sense of spirituality and her true self. Eileen has very strong Spiritual Guides with her, some she was born with and others given to her as a gift as being part of our Religious Family.

In giving my truthful testimony concerning Eileen’s ability to perform Spiritual Readings, I can tell you about a reading she did for me when she was in Cuba in 2013 which contained accurate information. At the time she gave information concerning my fiancée and circumstances around her, including information about legal papers and an unexpected trip to Cuba. Within months the information she gave me all began to show it’s self to be accurate as it came true.

Knowing Eileen for years now as a spiritual person with good intent due to my experiences with her, I would recommend her to you for a Spiritual Reading.”


PLEASE NOTE: For practical and legal reasons Spiritual Mediumship Readings by Eileen Casey Gonzalez are NOT a substitute for any medical, legal, financial, or psychiatric, professional of any kind. If you have a need to consult with a professional concerning any of these types of issues that these professionals provide, please do so.

All Spiritual Medisumship Readings on this site are for entertainment purposes only. It’s understood that as a term of service you agree to take full responsibility for any future choices you make based on any information from all Spiritual Mediumship Readings and that you must be 18 years of age to participate.