Energy Healing

Energy Healing

Man with conceptual spiritual body artAll living organisms are made of matter and posses live force energy, this live force energy is used by organisms to function and live, human beings are no exception. Life force energy is in the air we breathe and all around us in our daily lives. It is often referred to in other ancient cultures with names such as Prana, Mana, Ki and Chi. At times it may be difficult for individuals to understand the concept Life Force energy as is so much a part of us and our world that it can be difficult to distinguish.

When we become ill or feel un-well there is a disruption of the natural flow of life force energy within us. Numerous Complimentary Therapies which work with Life Force energy and Spiritual Healing Energy exist to aide us to heal using this concept,  This energy may  be channeled to aide in energy healing by using different techniques which are designed to amplify and share healing energy.

Spiritual Energy Healing involves working with a higher source by requesting energy to be channeled through an energy worker to the person to receive energy. In actuality it is always the person who receives the energy in any types of energy healing modality who is the actual healer. This is as it is only the individual who has agreed to take the energy being passed on in to their body so their body can work with it and thus it is truly only them who are performing the actual healing, not the individual channeling energy to give. Author of the book “Quantum Touch The Power To Heal” Richard Gordon explains it this way, a healer is someone who was sick and got better and a great healer is someone who was very sick and got better. Energy practitioners who work to produce energy to pass on to another person do just that, they can not heal anyone other then themselves as it is only our bodies which can make changes to heal it’s self using these methods. There can be no ego involved with true energy practitioners as their only purpose is to pass on energy to another, with love.

Man with conceptual spiritual body artWith this being said an energy practitioner should never make it a practice to give away their own personal energy with their work. Doing this can deplete a person and eventually may cause them harm. Trained energy practitioners always work by pulling in energy from other sources to share, whether it be from a higher spiritual source or from the life force energy available to all of us, around us all, all of the time.

Rev. Eileen Casey Gonzalez has been involved with Energy Healing modalities for over 30 years. She has been on both the ends of working with healing energy as a practitioner using various methods as well as being an recipient. She offers absent sessions with modalities including Spiritual Healing, Crystal Healing, Ama-Deus® and Quantum Touch Sessions as a Certified Quantum Touch® Practitioner/Instructor.

If your are interested in more information on a session with Rev. Eileen, you may contact her by email at, all energy healing sessions are performed from a distance so you are in the comfort of your own environment. Rev. Eileen performs her this work by donation. With donations she requests that donation amount is based on the number 7, or a multiple of the number ,7 or it may have the number 7 in it as it is her Orisha Yemaya’s number.

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PLEASE NOTE: Energy therapies such as Crystal Healing, Spiritual Healing, Ama-Deus® and Quantum Touch® are IN NO WAY MEANT AS A SUBSTITUTE for Medical, or Psychological, diagnosis and treatments. Rev. Eileen Casey Gonzalez or any other person associated with this web site, DO NOT diagnose conditions, perform medical treatments, prescribe substances, or interfere with the treatment of a Licensed Medical Professional. Also Eileen Casey Gonzalez nor any associated Energy Healer with this site in no way can guarantee results of any kind when it comes to the outcome of any Energy Modality or Crystal Healing work.