Eileen’s Story

Image of Rev. Eileen dressed in PinkRev. Eileen Casey Gonzalez a person who loves Creator, Orisha, Egun (the ancestors), Spirit, and her husband. Her life has been full of interesting spiritual experiences which began in early childhood however, as many in her generation with spiritual gifts, she quickly learned to keep quiet and things to herself. It was not until 1987 when she first came to her first service of the Spiritual Science Fellowship in Halifax Nova Scotia, that she finally felt free to discuses and discovers more about the world of spirit, and her experiences, and  her Mediumship Gifts.

Spiritual Science Fellowship Montreal Logo, a white daisy type flower with a yellow center and the OM symbol in the center with the letters SSF under it.The respect for all religious traditions has always been a huge draw for Rev. Eileen to the Spiritual  Science Fellowship (SSF) of Canada. With her first visit to the Fellowship she was looking for a place to be able to worship the Universal One Creator which connects us all, a place without judgement of people’s faiths and religious backgrounds. From the moment she walked in to her first Spiritual Science Fellowship Sunday Service Rev. Eileen knew she found her spiritual home. The SSF has helped her, as it has many, develop her own personal particular path of deep understanding of Creator and spirituality.

The commitment which Rev. Eileen has to the Spiritual Science Fellowship has been a direct result of the organisation’s “Declaration of Principles” and the interfaith community which strive to live by them. She has always loved the organization and feels the Fellowship is a place to come to, from all faiths or no specific faith, a place in which it is known that we all possess natural spiritual gifts, and a place in which it is known that that there is a continuing of the soul after the change called death.  She has enjoyed many aspects of being involved with the SSF including volunteering, participating in and leading services, and well as teaching Mediumship Development Classes.

Rev. Eileen was with the Spiritual Science Fellowship for several years before dedicating to it’s Ministry program in 1992. With taking deep promises, commitments, and decisions seriously,  it took her time to understand her ministry call and make that lifetime commitment. She worked for many years with the SSF before becoming a fully Ordained Minister in 2012 with full ministerial rights, including marriage rights within the province of Nova Scotia.

Image of Rev. Eileen on the beach in a heavy white coat with the hood up

Loving the Ocean even at -22c at Bayswater Beach, N.S.  2016.

In the 80s and 90s Rev. Eileen began to discover the connection she has with  the ocean and Orisha, which at that time she had no way of understandings. She had a unique ability to humbly make a request for the ocean’s waves to come in to greet her at the water’s edge. With this the waves of a low tide would quickly flood a beach much to her surprise and to the delight of her friends. With always loving to be by the waters side Rev. Eileen had no idea that this occurrence it was actually a characteristic often found in the children of the Orisha known as Yemaya, in the Regula De Ocha/Lukimi, faith. Back then Rev. Eileen had no concept of what Orisha was but in 1984 to her surprise she went in to a trance state of bliss on a dance floor with a friend. completely unexpectedly. This happened when a particular piece of music was played. It was years later that Rev. Eileen found this piece of music with her husband Rolando who explained to her that the song contained an African devotional chant to the Orisha.

Image of Rev. Eileen and her husband Rolando dressed in white with their hands bound together in a piece of white lace.

Vow Renewal in the tradition of Regula De Ocha 2014

In 1995 Rev. Eileen met her husband Rolando in Halifax Nova Scotia soon after he emigrated to Canada from Cuba. Rolando seen Rev. Eileen for the first time at a mall on the Halifax waterfront with his reaction to her being unusual as he could not take his eyes off of her. Rolando perused her until finally they began to date later that year, then he confessed that he had seen Rev. Eileen in his dreams all his life. This claim Rev. Eileen took lightly until she witnessed evidence of it’s truth in front of her father. Rev. Eileen was with Rolando at her father’s home looking at an old family photos. Once more Rolando explained that he had been seeing Rev. Eileen in his dreams but at that moment he then realized from the old photos he was looking at, that he had been seeing Rev. Eileen as she was as a child while he dreamed as a child. Rolando’s shock at the time was obvious and this would have been difficult to fake. His face turned white which was a sight to behold with his dark complexion, it could only have been an honest reaction. This is was part of their beginning, and a lasting friendship, full of adventures on their journey together. They were married in 1996 just as in a prediction given to Rev Eileen by Rev. Dr. Marilyn Rossner, founder of the Spiritual Science Fellowship Canada, during a fire Divination Demonstration a year earlier.

Religious Family – Rolando & Roberto Gonzalez kneeling,  Angel has the white hat. 2004

In 2004 Rev. Eileen visited Cuba for the first time. Meeting her husband Rolando’s family and religious family changed her life permanently. Rolando’s brother Roberto and Rev. Eileen had a quick connection with the two of them being able to understand each other regardless of a serious language barrier while engaging quickly in deep philosophical discussions. There friendship and mutual love developed quickly and remains strong today, Roberto became her Godfather in Regula De Ocha/Lukimi, the person who birthed her Orisha in 2015.

Rev. Eileen was totally shaken and mystified as she witnessed something she will never forget upon meeting Sr. Jose Angel Pupo Olivarez, a Babalow in Ifa and Tata Nganga in Palo Mayombe, a Shaman who is Rolando’s first Godfather in Ifa and Palo Mayombe. To this day she is amazed by the white beautiful light that she experienced shine around and through this man upon their meeting. This light she witnessed around Angel allowed for instant trust. This trust opened the door for the deep spiritual work Rev. Eileen required at that time to be successful and for the beginning of the destine path that lay in front of her.

Image of Angel wearing a white shirt and white had sitting on a patio.

Ochesa Ke Timbelese Olodumare, Sr. Jose Angel Pupo Olivarez, Ibe.

What Rev. Eileen went though with Angel opened her to a world she could never have dreamed of being involved with coming from her background. A world which holds explanations of deep mysteries which she pondered from youth and and beyond. Even though Rev. Eileen’s time with Angel was short he became her first Godfather in Ifa and Palo Mayombe. In January of 2010 Sr. Jose Angel Pupo Olivarez Ochesa Ke Timbelese Olodumare, Ibe, passed over to the world of Spirit. Both Rev. Eileen and her and her husband Rolando will always hold a deep respect and love in their heart for him always, as all who knew him do. In Angel’s lifetime he helped countless numbers of people not only in Cuba but from around the world. Stories of his work and experiences are amazing and he is deeply missed. With Angel’s passing he wanted no religious intervention as he said that he had seen that Olofi (the highest Orisha closest to Creator) had important work he was to do on the other-side.

After years of a journey of discovery, devotion, ceremonies and amazing experiences, Rev. Eileen became an Olorisha for Yemaya in 2014, for the lack of an easier descriptive word she is a Preist in the religious tradition of  Regula De Ocha/ Lukimi. She is Crowned with the Orisha Yemaya being Oniyemaya, in the this Faith she is known as Ocan Iya Aña. This is a journey for Rev. Eileen in which every day brings more joy, love, and understandings to her life. It is a journey of continuous and never ending learning, one which enriches her connection with Spirit, as a Spiritualist Medium, and with her role as an Interfaith Minister with the Spiritual Science Fellowship.

SSF Halifax Nova Scotia LogoSince Rev. Eileen began with the Spiritual Science Fellowship Halifax she has enjoyed working with spiritual energy healing being trained by Rev. Fred Cale who quickly encouraged to volunteer in offering spiritual energy healing at Sunday Services. She is a Certified Quantum-Touch® Practitioner and has been a Certified Instructor, she has training in the Ama-Deus® Healing Technique as well as in Crystal Healing. Rev. Eileen also holds a Bachelor of Therapeutic Counselling and is a trained  Hypnotherapist by The National Guild of Hypnotists.

The respect for all religious traditions held by the SSF has helped Rev. Eileen as it has many, find her own path of deep understanding creator. Through the years she has heard it stated by the late Rev. Fred Cale, Ibae, the founder of the Halifax chapter of the SSF that one of the goals of the SSF has been to always be a place where individuals can come and feel safe to find their own personal spiritual paths. She has also heard this stated by Rev. Marilyn Rossner, founder of the SSF. Both of these leaders also have stated that with this process, many may come and go from the Fellowship, as they may find their own unique religious paths to follow leading them to perhaps other religions. Rev. Eileen has always felt it an honour to be a part of the Spiritual Science Fellowship with this type of process and all of it’s Spiritualist Ministry work.

Image of Rev. Eileen with a white shirt standing by a wooden podium before leading the SSF Sunday service.

Getting ready to lead a Halifax SSF Sunday Service before moving to Alberta.

In April of 2016 Rev. Eileen relocated to Edmonton Alberta, Canada, however she spent most of her life in Halifax, Nova Scotia. There she served in the SSF Ministry Program with the Halifax chapter of the Spiritual Science Fellowship Canada for years. She has worked with numerous fund raising projects and major events as an organizer and she has been featured as a Public Speaker and Spiritualist Medium at these events and others. Regularly in Halifax Rev. Eileen worked to be of service at Sunday services with by leading services, presenting lectures, meditations, and Mediumship demonstrations. As part of her work with the Halifax Chapter Rev. Eileen taught Mediumship Development classes which were required by participants who wished to work as a demonstrating Medium at Sunday services. Also Rev. Eileen has been awarded by the SSF Canada as part of her ministry certificates for Inspirational Speaking, Clairvoyance and Spiritual Healing.

Being a creative individual Rev. Eileen has used her skills to aid in her Ministry work throughout the years. In 2009 she graduated from a Multimedia and Graphic Design program of Eastern College in Halifax. With this training she used her skills to help various clients with projects which assisted them in their small businesses including business card designs, websites, logos, branding, event posters and more. Her creative ability has also given her an outlet to work with her love of Crystals, stones and gems as she also designs and creates jewellery which is enjoyed by those whom it adorns.

Each day is another day to discover, learn and cherish with it’s experiences, while we live on the earth Rev. Eileen feels. She never knows exactly where she is going or what the future brings. Her goals are always to be able to love, hold devotion and gratitude for creator with all of the amazingness of life around her, while hoping to share with others. When asked what she will be doing next, often she will tell you that she is putting one foot in front of the other and holding faith in the path that is put in front of her, as this process has only led her on an amazing journey so far.