Crystal Healing

Crystal Healing

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Often underestimated is the natural power of beautiful crystals, stones and gems, with their many multipurpose uses in our daily lives. Many have used crystals, stones and gems, not only to bring their natural beautiful and energy to a room, but also for uses such as to; give us better tasting water, produce natural ions, cleanse negative energy and more. These mentioned uses do not even touch their amazing ability to help us with their healing energy, natural energy in which our bodies may make use of to benefit us in a number of ways.

Crystal Healing is the practice of using these natural beauties to aid the body to utilize the energy of crystals, stones and gems, to help to energetically heal. This practice has been used for centuries by various cultures to help the body, the human energy field and the mind. The roots of the use of crystals, stones and gems, for Crystal Healing may be found in Ancient Egypt, China, and India, as well as in other parts of the world.

image of a woman's hand holding crystals, stones, and gemsWith a Crystal Healing session, crystals, stones and gems, are placed on and around the body or on a representation of an individuals body with absent energy work, according to the needs of the individual. The crystals, stones and gems, may then affect the surrounding energy field of the body, and the body directly even if and when a Crystal Energy Worker is working from a distance rather than in person. An individual may feel results very quickly, sometimes within minutes. These sessions can have a strong and lasting effect on the body and mind, through the balancing which may take place.

When working with stones, Rev. Eileen makes use her skills as a Certified Quantum Touch Practitioner® to amplify the effect of the Crystal Healing Session. Both the use of crystals, stones and gems, and Quantum Touch® make use of the same scientific principles of Resonance and Entrainment thus these two modalities combine seamlessly and effectively. When two energy healing modalities such as these are used together with energy healing sessions, the result is often synergistic bringing about stronger results.

A Crystal Healing Session

A Crystal Healing Session with Rev. Eileen takes anywhere from forty minutes to one hour and the amazing thing is that it may be done absently. During a session the client will relax in a quite place of their choosing at the appointment time.

The cost of an in person Crystal Healing Session with Rev. Eileen is by donation with an estimated value of $70, all Crystal Healing Sessions are by prior appointment only. With donations for any spiritual work Rev. Eileen requests that donation amount is based on the number 7, or a multiple of the number ,7 or it may have the number 7 in it as it is her Orisha Yemaya’s number.

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PLEASE NOTE: Energy therapies such as Crystal Healing, Spiritual Healing, Ama-Deus® and Quantum Touch® are IN NO WAY MEANT AS A SUBSTITUTE for Medical, or Psychological, diagnosis and treatments. Rev. Eileen Casey Gonzalez or any other person associated with this web site, DO NOT diagnose conditions, perform medical treatments, prescribe substances, or interfere with the treatment of a Licensed Medical Professional. Also Eileen Casey Gonzalez nor any associated Energy Healer with this site in no way can guarantee results of any kind when it comes to the outcome of any Energy Modality or Crystal Healing work.