Crystal Care

Crystals and stones are gifts of the earth and your pieces may give you much lasting enjoyment with only a little loving care. You can help keep the energy of crystals and stones in your pieces clean and charged by following a couple of easy steps.

One easy method for cleansing your jewellery pieces, and all stones, is to place them in an empty clear glass container. Then place this in another clear glass container containing generously salted water. Never let the stones touch the salted water, this container must remain dry inside. Some crystals and stones may be damaged by direct contact with salt so this cleansing method keeps everything safe.  You can see an example of this in the picture above.

Another easy method of cleansing and charging your stones both at the same time is to place them on a piece of an Amethyst geode as shown in the picture. Just leave your pieces on the geode pieces overnight. With this method make sure that your geode piece is cleansed regularly and it gets a chance to charge in the full moon as well.  You can cleanse your geode pieces by running it under water. All Quartz pieces such as Rock Quartz, Amethyst, most Jaspers and Agates (Micro-Cryptocrystalline Quartz), along with stones which have a hardness of over 6 (to be safe) on the moss scale, may be cleaned by placing them under running cool water. With this method keep them under the running water until they feel like they are squeaking clean. This will be like the same sensation you get when you run your finger or thumb along a clean drinking glass under running water. Amazing enough is it that if the quartz, or whatever stone you are cleansing, is energetically dirty it will have the same sensation as running your thumb or finger along a greasy glass when cleaning it under water.

The only stone that one could not cleanse using these methods is Amber. Amber is actually a resin and it is the only stone that one can place safely in the full day’s sun and it is the only way Amber can be fully cleansed.

Charging stones in your is like giving their batteries a little more to work with. You charge them after cleansing.  All crystals and stones may be charged with the energy of the full moon by placing them in the window. Just make sure you take them out of the window before sunrise and after the moon is full, for example if the moon is full at 2:30am remove your stones from the window at that time. Never leave your crystals and stones in direct sun light as most do not do well with direct sunlight and may become drained and may be dulled.