Crystal 101 Workshop

Crystals 101

image of a poster for Crystals 101 workshop with crystals on a white and green background.Are you interested in crystals, gems and stones? Do they catch your eye and interest but you are not really sure what to do with them?

This workshop gives a multitude of information on these amazing natural energy healers and enhancers. Learn some of the basics and the musts on how to care for your crystals, stones and gems and discover easy techniques to make use of them and incorporate them effectively in to your everyday life.

This workshop is three to four hours long and is run periodically, with it preregistration is a must. If you are interested in this workshop contact Eileen Casey Gonzalez  by email at The workshop location will be given at the time of registration.

I took Rev. Eileen’s course on Crystals in November of 2014. At that time I just had a very general knowledge about crystals. This class is just packed with informative and useful information.  Rev. Eileen presents as much as possible in this class. On top of sharing a lot information on the subject she also presents information in an experiential way for participants.

Rev. Eileen is very well learned on the subject of crystals and you can understand easily that she is very passionate about her subject. She made it easy to learn.

I have known Rev. Eileen for many years and she has many talents. Due to my experience in her classes, if she had chosen teaching as her only profession in life, she would have been very successful with that talent alone. I am happy to recommend this class to anyone who may be interested in finding out more about crystals.

Michael Hiltz
Senior Minister of the SSF HRM


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